Stacks is a simple puzzle game to rearrange the same kind of the pieces in a horizontal row.

After rearranging, all the stacks will be in the same order of the pieces.

The order of the pieces is not a fixed order, so it may be different depending on the problem.

If it is arranged within the limit of moves, the problem is cleared.

This game is playable in mobile and desktop browser.

How to play

  • First, tap a stack to pop a piece.
  • Then, tap another stack to push the piece.
  • Alternatively, drag between stacks to move a piece.

Keyboard controls

Key Control
Left, A Move cursor left
Right, D Move cursor right
Up, W Pop / Push (at cursor)
Down, S, - Undo
Escape, 0 Retry
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Pop / Push (corresponding stack)
Enter, Space Next
Shift + Q Quit


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For what it is, it is good. Not very original, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that sometimes. My only suggestion is that it would be nice if a notification for clearing the level popped up once you beat it with the option to go to the next one.


It would also be nice to also have keyboard controls - maybe 12345 or asdfg correspond to clicking each column. That would be good for speed solving.


Thank you for your comment. I added key controls.


I really like this! It's like a harder towers of hanoi. Controls are smooth & intuitive, and the undo system is solid. I'd just improve the directions - "arrange all the pieces horizontally" wasn't clear to me. I can't figure out better phrasing though 😅


Thank you for your comment. I updated it.